Benenden Cakes
I have had a few requests for birthday cakes for little people.  Here are a few of them ...

A Lightning McQueen cake with Rusteze in a different guise - specially created for 3-year old James, who thought it looked fab and tasted great too!
Two American Chocolate Cakes in traybake format, carved, sandwiched together and covered with chocolate icing under the outer sugarpaste.

Made for twin boys, this is a simple Victoria Sandwich, filled with raspberry jam and butter cream.  Covered all over in butter cream, it was decorated with a personalised Fire Engine cake topper and small Fire Engines round the edge, supplied by a lady in Sittingbourne.  Their Mum said it was absolutely delicious and the little boys were thrilled with the fire engines!
A Lego Cake for Lucas.  Inside are two American Chocolate Cake traybakes, sandwiched together with chocolate icing.  Outside a white sugarpaste top coat and 40 handmade Lego bricks.  The banner was anchored into some stacks of Lego bricks at the sides.  Lucas and his friends thought it was fabulous.

This is an American Chocolate Cake in a different guise.  Made as a traybake,  the number "2" shape was cut out and iced and then studded all over with the birthday girl's favourite sweets ... chocolate buttons.
And this was my first cake for a big person ...
       you can just go mad with rainbow sponges, cake boards and hatpins!