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All my cakes are made with the best possible ingredients.

Please be aware in case you may be allergic that some cakes do contain nuts and that all the cakes I bake are made in a kitchen where nuts are used.


Sticky Ginger and Lemon Drizzle Cake                                                 

Oh what a wonderful Teatime Treat!  The deep flavours of the ginger sponge are beautifully balanced by the layers of Hartley Dyke Lemon Curd with stem ginger and the luscious mix of mascarpone and ginger syrup running through the middle.  It's all topped off with a zesty lemon drizzle and is a fantastically tasty cake.  Should give 12 slices. All you need to complete the experience is your best china and a cake fork!

Miniature Sticky Ginger and Lemon Drizzle Cakes
As above, but saves the problem of portion control!
These little lovelies come in batches of 18, but they freeze well
so you don't need to get through them at a single sitting.
£18.00  per batch


Raspberry Bakewell Cake

An English classic ... a layer of scrummy raspberries ensconced in frangipane sponge and topped with toasted flaked almonds.  Just like the tart, but minus the pastry.  Perfect with a cup of tea!
8" round cake (8-10 slices) £13.00
9" round cake (10-12 slices) £14.50

Passion Cake, also known as Carrot Cake, but that sounds much less exciting!

A classic and well-loved cake with a lovely texture provided by the inclusion of chopped walnuts.  The carrots give the cake a delicious natural sweetness which is offset by the slightly tangy cream cheese frosting, finished off with yet more walnuts.  This cake should be kept in the fridge to keep the icing fresh.  I also make a delicious Venetian Carrot Cake which is a completely different, more adult experience - and it's gluten-free.  Details below.
Venetian Carrot Cake
Brought to my attention by a friend who had seen Nigella make this on TV, and I'm so glad she did!  It's moist, citrusy and sophisticated with its sprinkling of toasted pine nuts and tastes a bit decadent, probably because of the rum-soaked fruit.  And, not only is it gluten-free, it's also dairy-free as there is no frosting to go with it.


American Chocolate Cake

An exceptionally light, egg-free cake sandwiched together and topped with divine chocolate frosting.    It keeps well for several days, sealed and at room temperature (don't put it in the fridge as this may make the frosting 'bloom') and does seem to improve after a day or two as the sponge and frosting meld together.   The provider of the recipe of this cake says to, "Administer to chocoholics - liberally and frequently."

Miniature American Chocolate Cakes
As above, but little individual ones.  These have a coffee bean on top
but more usually they will be finished with a grating of chocolate over the frosting.
£18.00  per batch

Coffee and Walnut Cake

A really superior cake and the all-time favourite of my parents-in-law.  As its name suggests, this is a delicious cake full of walnuts with plenty of coffee and walnut butter-cream icing spread inside and all over it.  It will keep for several days, sealed and at room temperature.


Double Lemon Drizzle Max
Two layers, two lemons, two textures - lemon drizzled sponge layers sandwiched together with creamy mascarpone swirled through with excellent Lemon Curd from Hartley Dyke farm shop.  Described by my neighbour who is a Lemon Drizzle Connoisseur as, "a fab cake!" 


Farmhouse Fruit Cake

One of my mother's repertoire of fabulous cakes.  Chock-a-block with mixed fruit and glacé cherries and enhanced by the "secret" ingredient, this lovely cake keeps for ages in a sealed container.  Also available as a gluten free option. 
Available as a large round cake or a smaller 2lb loaf size. 
 £14.50 large round / £8.00 2lb loaf size
White Chocolate Cake
Organic white chocolate in the sponge, a whole load more in the icing and then shavings scattered over the top - how much more white-chocolatey can you get?  There is a layer of crème fraîche with a hint of rose essence sandwiching the two layers together, just to offset the sweetness of the chocolate a little. Finished with a smattering of pink rose petals.
Apple Cake
A really moist cake, stuffed with cider-soaked sultanas and with cinnamon and a hint of lemon to complement the apples, this is a  lovely, very Northern European cake.  Keeps well for about 2 weeks - if you can let it last that long!


Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

20 pieces of pure deliciousness.  Chocolate and raspberries go so well together and it's a real treat to find raspberry jewels in each mouthful of brownie.  These are lovely on the first day, but just get better and better if you keep them sealed in the fridge as they take on a stickiness which is gorgeous as a dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Deluxe Truly Squidy Dark Chocolate Brownies
Made with lots of 70% dark chocolate, these brownies are exceedingly moist, gooey and scrumptious - if you like a big dark chocolate hit.  They also have far less sugar in them than any other brownie I've ever encountered and have the added advantage of being made with rice flour, so they're fine for people with wheat intolerance. 16 pieces.
Available in 5 varieties - please specify what you would like:
Pecan Nuts or Walnuts or Toasted Almonds or Toasted Hazelnuts or Stem Ginger


Preserved Ginger Cake with Lemon Icing

This is not a dark, sticky, claggy ginger cake, but instead moist squares of sponge with ginger in its many forms - ground, grated fresh and preserved stem ginger with its syrup topped with a sharp, lemon icing.  Delicious whenever you serve them, but especially so round the bonfire on November 5th.  16 pieces.
Orange & Almond Cake
A fantastic treat, you can almost imagine yourself in a shady citadel courtyard enjoying this refreshing cake with a dollop of yoghurt and a drizzle of honey to complement the orangey bitterness.  It has been described as "moist to the point of obscenity".  Read that as you will, but it is gorgeous and currently my all time favourite cake.  This also features in my Gluten Free cakes.

Coconut Cake

A moist, light cake with a flavour of the Caribbean about it, baked with coconut and a subtle hint of tangy lime in the mix.  The cake is sandwiched together with a layer of cream cheese and coconut frosting with more of the same all over the outside, finished off with a liberal sprinkling of toasted coconut.   Mmmmm.


Chocolate Fudge Cake
An incredibly moist, dense,indulgent chocolate cake, covered all over in chocolate fudge topping made with 70% dark chocolate and liberally sprinkled with chocolate flake.  2lb loaf size.




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