Benenden Cakes

The Idea is ....


That I bake the cake you really want, when you want it.
My cakes aren't grand or special occasion cakes.
They're the kind of cakes anyone can make if they've got the time and
inclination, but if you haven't got those, I will bake a delicious treat just for you.
I use the best ingredients I can get - quality flour, unsalted butter, unwaxed
lemons when available, organic cocoa powder, 70% dark chocolate and eggs from the
Hartley Dyke Farm shop at Charity Farm.
I support local suppliers as much as I can - see to find out what else
is on your doorstep.
You won't find my cakes at Farmers Markets or in the shops.  I don't bake just
in the hope that they'll sell - although I'm sure they would!  I bake specially
for you so that you can have the freshest cake possible when you want it. 
I prefer to supply all my cakes in airtight plastic boxes as they keep the
cakes in tip-top condition.  Several people have remarked on how well these
boxes do the job. There is a £5.00 deposit payable for the box, but this is
fully refunded as soon as I get it back.  If you would like me to use your
own container instead, I am also happy to accommodate that.


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